Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love this awesome weather.

Yesterday, after Hailee's nap, we met my parents at Columbiana Mall for dinner and to get Hailee's 2 year old pictures taken. She rode the carousel, twice, and cried when it was time to get off. Of course, the animal she wanted to ride on was a chicken. Not a horse, that wouldn't be like my child. Then it was time to eat. I got Japanese- teriyaki chicken and fried rice and she was having chic-fil-a chicken nuggets. Before they brought her food, she'd already eaten tons of my rice and teriyaki chicken. That was the 1st time she's ever eaten- and liked- rice before. She was eating like she'd never had food before! That's not like her either! Then, she ate more chicken nuggets. Then, my dad got her Dippin Dots! I'm just glad she ate.. She's usually not that interested when it comes to food. Its all we can do to keep her seated either at the table or in the living room at her little table. Its like she doesn't have time for it.

on a side note..
I haven't been to the mall in a long time. Honestly, I haven't missed a thing! It was almost disgusting seeing how the girls dress now. Not that I'm insanely modest by any means, but really? I would never let Hailee out of the house dressed like that. One GIRL (she was probably a teenager) had on a bikini top under a straight up gauzy shirt. INAPPROPRIATE!! And yes, I've said some unwholesome words before, but people were cursing in conversations with each other in pretty loud tones. I guess you have to be loud because there are so many people there to talk over, but no one cares who they might offend. And by the unspoken rules of walking in the mall, its like driving- right side of the road is the one you walk one way and left side the other- and the lanes aren't very broad. We were behind 3 young girls that had spread out the whole length of the walk way we were on and were walking at a pace and looking around, daring people to notice them.
Yeah, I don't miss the mall. Not one bit.

OK, the food was great and time for the pictures. I was a little apprehensive because all 3 times we've taken her to get her pictures taken, she would not smile for anything! We get there and Hailee starts acting like a wild woman. She's playing with all the props and being all crazy, like she's on a sugar high! I do have to mention that my dad kept giving her sips of his coca-cola at dinner.. So the picture taking begins and SHE IS SMILING! But every time the flash on the camera went off, she jumped and covered her eyes. She's never done this before either. One of the props was a black slotted bench and Hailee kept pretending like it was a piano. She got a stool and put it behind the bench and sat down like she was playing it! We were laughing so much. But she did get tired by the end and luckily, there were some cute pictures to choose from before she became ornery.

This is one of the pictures where they were playing peek-a-boo and she was being super animated!

We have a Bob The Builder DVD with 2 episodes and I don't even know where it came from. For the last few days, when we ask Hailee what she wants to watch, she says "builder!". I am so sick of Bob The Builder now.. And last night we had a pretty loud thunderstorm. Her and roger sat in the kitchen and watched the lightening and heard thunder. Every time it thundered, she would growl,"THUNDER!" but she wasn't scared of it.

I have been cooking for the last 2 days, trying out new things in hopes of finding some easy things for the future. Hailee was helping me melt chocolate chips yesterday morning and eating them as fast as she could :)

She thought it was such a treat to help mommy cook! I loved having her in there with me and can't wait until she really can help out. It was more of a mess than anything, but she was having fun. And yes, she was in her night gown. She's pretty attached to that thing.

Friday, my sister-in-law and her girls came over to hang out for a bit. It was a lot of fun and Hailee absolutely adores her cousins!! They were having so much fun playing in the endless sea of toys that is her room (almost too much stuff) and they decided they wanted to play outside. So, Hailee gathers her usual handful of stuff she wants to take outside. Its usually the nearest 3 or 4 objects to her. We go outside and she has her little toys all gathered up in her left hand/arm, leaving her right hand free. We have a wood-line in our backyard that has acorns alllllll over the ground. Hailee was over there one minute then walking toward me, holding out her hand saying "finger, hand, owie!" I looked down to see all these little things that looked like blond stubble on about a week of unshaven legs (hahaha, really!) all over her hand- both sides. Thank God Cynthia was there. I didn't have the 1st clue as to what to do because those little things were cactus needles and I have no experience with them. So yes, we had duct tape and she got some out with that, but I had to pick out the ones that wouldn't come out on the tape. I got them on my clothes and in my hands just getting them out of her hand. Finally, we go back in her room with a flashlight at about 2pm. She lays down in her bed and I lay next to her with the flashlight and tweezers, picking out all the needles I can see. Those things are NOT easy to see at all. She fell asleep 10 minutes into it and I think I got them all out by 2:30. That was an adventure! But I'm sure with a kid, I'll have many other things coming my way that I've never experienced.

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