Friday, March 25, 2011

c'est la vie

So, yeah.
Today was a rough one indeed!

We began our day with an early morning wake-up of 6:50 a.m.
I understand this might not be considered 'early' to some people, but when you work 2nd shift and don't usually even get home until midnight [or later], its early.
Still dark outside and Hailee's up and at em! I'm thinking, "why does she think its a good time to get up when the sun isn't even up?"
So our day can now officially begin.
I can't even remember what I made her for breakfast, maybe pancakes? I'm pretty sure she ate them too.
I go in the kitchen and survey the mess from the day before:
  • dishes in the sink
  • dishes on the counter by the sink
  • dishes needing to be unloaded from the dishwasher
Where to start?

I turn around and begin scouring the house for loose scraps of dirty clothes that didn't make it to the laundry basket.
There's a sock here, a shirt there, and towels still thrown about from the night before.. so I start a load of laundry.
I look over at the bed and notice the load that is dried and needs to be put away - at least I acknowledged it needed to be done.

Back in the kitchen to unload and reload the dishwasher. Then wash the few annoying things that are undishwasherable (my own word).
Hailee then comes into the kitchen wanting to be held and needing attention, so we go into the living room and watch some of Finding Nemo. We were at the part where they're in the EAC [I think that's the current??] and the sea turtles. Hailee sees the little sea turtle and remembers that she has a stuffed one of him [squirt] which she has named 'Dude' and runs to her room to get him. While there, she gets distracted and orders me to 'COME!!!'
We play in her doll house then I sneak away to finish the dishes and switch the clothes from the washing machine to the dryer.

Not even 5 minutes later, I hear, "Where's mommy? There she is! I found her!"

I ask her if she wants to help me make a cake, because -call me crazy- I'm making more cake balls. As if I didn't learn my lesson the 1st time. I got so frustrated with those tiny balls of cake and melted almond bark!
So she tries to drag a chair from the kitchen table over to the cabinet to help.
I set the measuring cup of water in front of her while I went to get the other ingredients. She tries to drink it. FAIL.
I get everything in the bowl and go to grab the blender. She takes a huge spoon and tries to stir the batter.
This is not good either.
When I bring out the blender, its all I can do to keep her standing next to me in the chair. She wants to get down and run to another part of the house. Those noises have always been a little bit much for her.
She stays and I let her have a beater when I'm done.
Another mess, but a fun one!
My dad calls and we talk for a minute, then he wants to talk to Hailee. She takes the phone and starts walking around the house and talking to him. They 'talk' for a good 5 minutes. She still nods 'yes' when someone on the phone asks her something. Its funny! She doesn't want to give me back the phone but I manage to get it away from her..
By now, it's 11:30 and I start to make a home made (boxed Chef-boy-ardee) pizza. Again, she gets upset that I'm not in her room playing with her.
She picks at her lunch and I put the clothes from the dryer on the bed [adding them to the load already there to be put away].
I change into my work-out clothes and wait for her to finish lunch.
Put her down for her nap around 12:15 pm, but she has other plans...
How this child had all that energy for waking up so early, I'll never know!
She talked, she played, she sang, she was beating her little people on the wall, and I'm sitting in the living room waiting for her to fall asleep so I can start bouncing around to my work-out DVD. FUN!
At about 1:00, she starts knocking on her door - from the inside - yelling, "mommy, open the door!"
Clearly frustrated, I go in there and explain to her that it's nap time and she needs to listen to mommy and go to sleep in a VERY stern voice.
I hurt her feelings.
Immediately, the lip goes out and the tears start.
I want to kick myself for making my child cry.
I hate that its so hard to discipline her.
I hug her and cuddle her and tell her in a quieter, more soothing way that she needs to go to sleep.
She falls asleep in my arms not even 2 minutes later :)
Look at my guitar in it's case and think about how I need to practice and change the strings on it.
Work out.
Start on the bible study homework for next Wednesday morning.
Start getting ready for work.
Hailee wakes up at 3:15 pm.
Ignore the pile of clothes on the bed that need to be put away.
Go play outside with Hailee - staying away from the humongus bees that hover around our bushes lining the house.
Roger calls and tells me he won't be home in time and I'll have to take Hailee to Kelli's until he gets off work.
4pm, Take Hailee to Kelli's and this time, Hailee cries as I'm leaving her there. They sure know how to get to your heart!!

work. work. work. work.

Always Good!

Walk outside the building, headed to my car.
10 steps out the door, and   everything.   goes.   black.
a transformer exploded and outed a whole city block.
this was the darkest dark I've ever been in outside.
It was scary.
I couldn't see the parking lot in front of me. I couldn't see the building behind me. I couldn't see my own hand in front of my face.


People in the lot started pushing the buttons on their key chains to make their lights flash and we found our ways to our cars as the emergency lights in the building flickered on.
Still dark in the parking lot.
It was a long day.
But not a bad day.
A FULL day.
I'm all good and ready to go crawl in bed next to my sleeping husband.

and to all.... a good night.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love this awesome weather.

Yesterday, after Hailee's nap, we met my parents at Columbiana Mall for dinner and to get Hailee's 2 year old pictures taken. She rode the carousel, twice, and cried when it was time to get off. Of course, the animal she wanted to ride on was a chicken. Not a horse, that wouldn't be like my child. Then it was time to eat. I got Japanese- teriyaki chicken and fried rice and she was having chic-fil-a chicken nuggets. Before they brought her food, she'd already eaten tons of my rice and teriyaki chicken. That was the 1st time she's ever eaten- and liked- rice before. She was eating like she'd never had food before! That's not like her either! Then, she ate more chicken nuggets. Then, my dad got her Dippin Dots! I'm just glad she ate.. She's usually not that interested when it comes to food. Its all we can do to keep her seated either at the table or in the living room at her little table. Its like she doesn't have time for it.

on a side note..
I haven't been to the mall in a long time. Honestly, I haven't missed a thing! It was almost disgusting seeing how the girls dress now. Not that I'm insanely modest by any means, but really? I would never let Hailee out of the house dressed like that. One GIRL (she was probably a teenager) had on a bikini top under a straight up gauzy shirt. INAPPROPRIATE!! And yes, I've said some unwholesome words before, but people were cursing in conversations with each other in pretty loud tones. I guess you have to be loud because there are so many people there to talk over, but no one cares who they might offend. And by the unspoken rules of walking in the mall, its like driving- right side of the road is the one you walk one way and left side the other- and the lanes aren't very broad. We were behind 3 young girls that had spread out the whole length of the walk way we were on and were walking at a pace and looking around, daring people to notice them.
Yeah, I don't miss the mall. Not one bit.

OK, the food was great and time for the pictures. I was a little apprehensive because all 3 times we've taken her to get her pictures taken, she would not smile for anything! We get there and Hailee starts acting like a wild woman. She's playing with all the props and being all crazy, like she's on a sugar high! I do have to mention that my dad kept giving her sips of his coca-cola at dinner.. So the picture taking begins and SHE IS SMILING! But every time the flash on the camera went off, she jumped and covered her eyes. She's never done this before either. One of the props was a black slotted bench and Hailee kept pretending like it was a piano. She got a stool and put it behind the bench and sat down like she was playing it! We were laughing so much. But she did get tired by the end and luckily, there were some cute pictures to choose from before she became ornery.

This is one of the pictures where they were playing peek-a-boo and she was being super animated!

We have a Bob The Builder DVD with 2 episodes and I don't even know where it came from. For the last few days, when we ask Hailee what she wants to watch, she says "builder!". I am so sick of Bob The Builder now.. And last night we had a pretty loud thunderstorm. Her and roger sat in the kitchen and watched the lightening and heard thunder. Every time it thundered, she would growl,"THUNDER!" but she wasn't scared of it.

I have been cooking for the last 2 days, trying out new things in hopes of finding some easy things for the future. Hailee was helping me melt chocolate chips yesterday morning and eating them as fast as she could :)

She thought it was such a treat to help mommy cook! I loved having her in there with me and can't wait until she really can help out. It was more of a mess than anything, but she was having fun. And yes, she was in her night gown. She's pretty attached to that thing.

Friday, my sister-in-law and her girls came over to hang out for a bit. It was a lot of fun and Hailee absolutely adores her cousins!! They were having so much fun playing in the endless sea of toys that is her room (almost too much stuff) and they decided they wanted to play outside. So, Hailee gathers her usual handful of stuff she wants to take outside. Its usually the nearest 3 or 4 objects to her. We go outside and she has her little toys all gathered up in her left hand/arm, leaving her right hand free. We have a wood-line in our backyard that has acorns alllllll over the ground. Hailee was over there one minute then walking toward me, holding out her hand saying "finger, hand, owie!" I looked down to see all these little things that looked like blond stubble on about a week of unshaven legs (hahaha, really!) all over her hand- both sides. Thank God Cynthia was there. I didn't have the 1st clue as to what to do because those little things were cactus needles and I have no experience with them. So yes, we had duct tape and she got some out with that, but I had to pick out the ones that wouldn't come out on the tape. I got them on my clothes and in my hands just getting them out of her hand. Finally, we go back in her room with a flashlight at about 2pm. She lays down in her bed and I lay next to her with the flashlight and tweezers, picking out all the needles I can see. Those things are NOT easy to see at all. She fell asleep 10 minutes into it and I think I got them all out by 2:30. That was an adventure! But I'm sure with a kid, I'll have many other things coming my way that I've never experienced.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not a restful day.

Today is supposed to be a day of rest. Its nothing of that sort..
The time changed last night and our whole household didn't wake up until 9am this morning. After getting used to being up around 7:30am, this was a welcomed sleep in. We almost forgot to change the clocks, but thanks to everyone on facebook, we remembered :)
So- we got up, made some bacon & eggs on our lovely griddle, shoveled it in our mouths, got dressed and went to church. Hailee didn't eat the bacon. She took a bite of it, chewed it for a few minutes, then came at me with an open mouth and wanted me to scrape the chewed up bacon off her tongue. This is my child!! She also does that with other things that she doesn't want, but I can't currently think of them. She still hasn't gotten the "spit it out" concept down.

When we got home, the nap struggle began. I could tell how tired Hailee was by her eyes. Finally, right before 2pm, we got her in her bed and were out of her room. Hailee thought otherwise. She sang, she talked, she sang some more, & was standing up on her bed when we came in to tell her to hush & lay down. Roger and I were standing outside of her door, holding in laughter at the songs she was singing. She sang me "twinkle twinkle little star" last night when I was putting her to bed and she is soooooooo close to knowing all the words. She sings her ABC's, emphasizing the letters she knows.

Hailee HAS to be the center of attention. I try to get things done when she's good and distracted. The minute I start trying to get something done around the house, dishes, cook food, fold clothes, or practice songs for wed/sun worship on my guitar- she realizes I'm not near her and comes looking for me. She says, "there you are, right there! I need hug. I love you." and she will continue telling me [or roger] "i love you, hug!" until we stop what we're doing and pay attention to her. Roger says she needs a brother or sister. That is NOT what she needs. I'm exhausted with her, work, church and in august, nursing school starts. I'm trying to get 2 classes lined up for summer so I won't have to take them amidst clinicals.

I've been looking for other ways to change the appearance of my blog. I'm still pretty new at this and don't really have time to mess with templates/background/font, or learning how to zip, or unzip files. Roger will help me :)

We have to wake up Hailee from her nap in 30 minutes, get all our gear together.. bibles, diaper bag, guitar case, my bag with song notebook... and smallgroups at 5pm. That will go till 7, we'll come home, dinner, bathe Hailee, play for a little more, then pass out! Oh, and there will also be dishes, laundry, straightening up things from what Hailee pulls out to play with.. So definitely NOT a day of rest, but right now, things are exactly as they should be, and I wouldn't change a single thing.


Friday, March 4, 2011

With all this beautiful weather outside, we've been playing a lot more out doors. ahhh, it's nice to be in the fresh air..

We were sitting around her picnic table yesterday and I noticed a moth was on the chair she was sitting in. I made the mistake of pointing it out and she jumped out of the seat and was saying "kill the bug! kill the bug!" Wow she's just like me!! I'm sure she learned it from watching me always overreacting to insects. But I can't help it, it just happens. Well, she didn't forget about the bug even though we moved away from it. I watched her look over at it a few times and she actually shivered. It was one of those gross shivers and it was too funny!

We've just started really getting serious about brushing Hailee's teeth with the starter toothpaste and everything. She gives us the hardest time when we brush her teeth. As soon as we put the toothbrush in her mouth she closes her mouth and starts sucking on it. I read on the box for the toothpaste that you start with the 0-2 year old safe to swallow tooth paste and when they get to where they can spit it out, then you move on to the toddler toothpaste. We get as far as putting a sip of water in her mouth, I tell her to spit it out, she swallows it, then opens her mouth. She doesn't quite get it yet.

When Hailee and I are hanging out durring the day, sometimes she'll bring me her notebook "coloring book" and ask me to draw a kitty cat.. over and over again. So I draw a kitty and give her back the notebook. Then, she puts little dots all over what I drew and when she's tired of that, she just scribbles over everything.

We get the requests for- "draw weeble" "draw snowman" "draw girl" "draw boy" and her favorite, the kitty cat.

I'm gearing up for another long night at work. This week has been extra special because its the 1st week of the month. Busiest. And this weekend is pretty much going to be non stop as well. It seems like everything that doesn't get done durring the week is automatically shoved to the weekend, but I guess it has to happen. I got everything to make Zuppa toscana [just like the olive garden's] and that takes quite a bit of prep work. I'll find time somewhere in there.
Sunday is the 1st "Calvary Town" for kids 3 years - 5th grade at church, its pretty much children's church and we're starting with live worship at the beginning of both services for the kids. I'm the leader on this 1st week's team and I'm pretty nervous. Haven't had much time to practice the song's we're doing but hopefully everything will go off wonderfully well! I can't stress about it, so I'll just know that I've done all I can to get ready for Sunday.. And we also have a cookout with our small group Sunday night, even though its supposed to rain all day on Sunday. Hopefully it won't rain all weekend.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My child is supposed to be napping right now. The 1st time I heard her up, around 1:25pm, she was sitting at her desk, coloring.

Then, I stuck my head in the door because it got really quiet 5 minutes later- which usually isn't a good sign- but she had put herself in bed along with every stuffed animal in her room :) she saw me and sat up.. DOH!! now, its 1:40 and she just stopped singing. I really hope she goes to sleep soon! Naptime is a stressful time when I'm trying to get her to go down at a specific time so she will get up when I need her to. But that never works out the way I want it to. Its pretty much- open her door and make noise to wake her up so I can change her diaper, get her in her carseat, and take her to whomever watches her until Roger gets off work 1 or 2 hours later. [now, I hear random bursts of words really loud coming from her room..1:45pm]

So I didn't get off work last night until 1:00 am. Finally fell asleep at about 2:30am and Hailee decided to wake up at 7:00 this morning. I miss the days when she would wake up that early and all I had to do was lay her in bed next to me and nurse her back to sleep.. Sometime's we'd do that until 10am. But those days went out right before she turned 1 year.

Taking Hailee to the grocery store is always an adventure. She cannot stand to be confined to a grocery cart. Unless- its one of those huge buggies that has the front seat of a car with steering wheels for her to sit in. And those are not easy to drive around. I constantly run into things. They're just so awkward!!

Even after 2 cups of coffee, I'm still exhausted. It will be another late night though, since it is the 1st of the month. I'm charging my mp3 player as I type so it won't die on me tonight like it did last night.
So, I'm listening to a new group now [thanks brandi and kelly] called The Civil Wars. They are so great! I asked Roger to get the cd for me while I was working one night and when I came home, even he was telling me how much he liked them. Now he wants to show them to all his friends :)

Beautiful music!!!!

Now I get to go clean up & put laundry in the dryer & load the dishwasher & everything else in the world before I have to go to work.
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