Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here we go!
We now have a computer and the Internet!! A step forward in this age of technology. [I still struggle with the new one-space-after-the-period thing.. apparently that's whats being taught now.]

this is the day it snowed like crazy here..

So, it's February, our month of sickness. All 3 of us have kept each other sick this whole month! It started with a cold that turned into the croup that Hailee brought home from church. Then I got it. Then, Roger got it. Then it was the dreaded stomach virus- bleh! Roger's still getting over that one, but today I started feeling better and was playing catch up on all the laundry and dishes and other stuff that was falling behind.. so much so, that I forgot to eat lunch! I imagine that's why my stomach was growling on my way to work at 5pm.

Hailee is going to be 2 on March 31. Hard to believe! and ofcourse, my whole day pretty much consists of her, so that's a lot of what I will talk about :)
She is talking a lot lately! One of the more recent things she likes to do is- when we're in public [walmart, dr's office..] she says "I POOP!". It can be pretty embarrassing, but I'm sure there will be more embarrassment where that comes from. I can't help but laugh when she says it. and to her, it's all poop, whether its poop or pee.. same thing!
She is also going through a phase where she loves dresses. Grammie Karen gave her a night gown that is a 4T, but fits her perfectly and brushes the top of her feet. There are "aminals" on it and a little pink bow on the chest. She calls it her pretty dress and when it's time to put on her clothes and start the day, she gets so mad when I take it off her.

She will see a little piece of paper, or grass on the floor, pick it up, bring it to me and say,"eewwww!". Then I tell her to put it in the trash can. I love being able to spend my days with my sweet girl. She makes me laugh more and more at all the funny things that come out of her mouth. Today, Roger was asking her about her day when he picked her up from the baby-sitters [since he couldn't be home before I had to leave for work]. She said all kinds of things and he understood some of it. Then, he asked her what she wanted to eat for supper. To that, she replied "Coo Popper". I have no idea!! He told me she was pointing to the microwave and had a feeling it was popcorn. maybe so!

I'm going to miss her sooo much when I start nursing school in August :( What a crazy 2 years this is coming up. Driving to orangeburg every day I have a clinical/class along with the gas prices that are [not creeping] going up terribly fast!! It will be worth it, but I will spend every spare minute I have cuddling and snuggling her. She loves to be close and I love that about her. Roger had someone draw this for me for my birthday and it is one of the best presents I've ever received:

Hailee was 1 here and we soon need to get her 2 year old pictures made.. and a family picture. We don't have any or recent pictures of Roger and me. Ok, now I'm going to hope Roger's asleep so I can turn off the TV in the bedroom and fall asleep. He has to have something on to fall asleep and I need silence, or a fan. Rain tomorrow!


  1. Yay! You're back in business!!! :) Love your posts...Hailee sounds so hilarious! :)

  2. i know! I can't wait to get her and Jack together. They would be funny! but, she has started with the whole "mine!" phase and doesn't like to share. we're trying to break her of that..


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