Monday, August 16, 2010

typing on a tiny cell phone computer :)

We're home. our family is back together. it's actually such a relief. god i hope roger continues to do well. he seems really good but life isn't always guaranteeable. hailee is happy here! she's sleeping in a big girl bed!! we got a king sized mattress & put our full mattress in her room. she can get on & off the bed with no problems. last night she was in it all by herself until 5am. then i went in there & layed down beside her when she woke up. i'm writing this on my phone until we get a computer.. its taking me forever but better than nothing. now- its a policy with verizon that almost all of their phones MUST come with some sort of data package - which i think is complete crap. whatever.. roger is working & hailee is napping. its dark & drizzly outside but i just had coffee so i won't even attempt a nap. i hope everything goes well while i'm at work tonight. i'll be thinking about roger & hailee the whole time.. hurrying through work trying to get home. aaahhhh! a train is going by very loudly. i hope it doesn't wake hailee up.. seems like they pull those horns for like 20 seconds. if there are lots of mistakes in this it doesn't matter. the screen is tiny. more to come later.. next monday through wed me & hailee are going to myrtle beach with my parents. her first time & i haven't been since high school. should be fun & i'll take lost of pictures. until then i'm only eating salad & fruit. looking for a bathing suit was quite depressing. never again. here comes the rain!! maybe roger will be home soon..

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