Tuesday, July 27, 2010

so i'm not really sure why 'all of the sudden' my camera won't plug into the usb cord anymore. i have a memory stick, but no where to stick it. i have a sneaking suspicion it has to do with a 16 month old that is supposed to be napping right now, but i can hear her 'talking'. i had to finagle (my own spelling :) the dang cord and hold it really still so i could just transfer pics and videos over. whoo! took forever.
i'm trying to get hailee to sleep a little earlier than normal.
1) because there's never a set time that she sleeps
2) i have a dentist apt today and have to have her over to grammie's by 3pm.

what is it with 1 and a half year olds and eating? lately, she isn't interested in food. she makes faces, turns her head away and spits things out i sneak in there! it's all i can do to get a good meal into her once a day. apparently she's still on the right track though because everything looked good at her 15 month check up. she hasn't been to the dr yet and not gotten a shot. is that normal? my mom told me she was sure we didn't get that many shots 30 years ago. wow, really? 30 years, well 29, but close enough. just like in the deanna carter song, strawberry wine, "i still remember - when 30 was old" and i do!

hopefully roger will be home from u-turn for Christ in 3 weeks. maybe tomorrow we'll know a little more. i get what a single mom feels like. it is not easy. were it not for my parents, i don't know what i'd do. thank you God for my 2nd shift job, where i can spend my whole day with my sweet girl, then go work, make money and pay all our bills. God is truly providing a way for us. i have faith he will continue to. we are so blessed to have a family that is as loving and supportive as they are. things do get a little crazy sometimes and i'll admit, i really look forward to the weekends when it's just hailee and i in our little house in lexington. i know hailee loves it too. it's her room and her toys and her space basically. it's home. that's where the video was taken - in her room.
these videos sooooo take forever to upload. do i forget this every time?

a new thing with hailee is she like to climb. she climbs in to chairs, she climbs onto couches, she climbs onto toilets (with the lids closed) she just climbs! my little monkey. she's also trying to get the concept of 'jump' down. she knows what to do, but her feet haven't left the ground yet. she will not let me put anything in her hair. the minute she realizes some thing's there, she rips it out.
my hours at wachovia have been not nearly as late as they used to be. i'm glad i get to get out early and go to sleep at a decent time, but i need the hourse too on my paycheck. ok. that's enough for now. nothing really new with school - i finally got someone at midlands to talk to me and she said since i have fafsa on file, they used that to verify my citizenship so i can request my transcript again and no hold will be on my account. yay! another step closer. just waiting on my high school transcript... maybe they're not there in the summer??

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

OMG by Usher, as danced to by Hailee

It might be a little dark, but she is soooooo funny!!
Last week, i drove down to Orangeburg, SC to attend the Health Information Session, where I picked up my packet to apply to their nursing program. it starts Fall 2011. Sounds super promising - don't think I'm going to have any problems getting into it.
I was requesting my high school and college (Midlands Tech) transcripts when I hit my first roadblock.. Got an email saying there was a hold on my Midlands Tech transcript due to a Citizenship Verification. what??!! I've been enrolled there since 2006 and now this happens? So there was a number to call on the email for disputes: 803-738-7835. Guess who this phone number belongs to? No one. Eventually, it puts you into the main menu of the midlands tech information phone line. Right now, it's nearly impossible to get a live person on the phone because it's also advisement time. I'm probably just going to go down there when I have time. I can't stand Midlands Tech. I never want to go there again. For their nursing program, the waiting list is UNREAL! O-C Tech doesn't have a waiting list - it's just a competitive program. You have to earn a spot in their program. I'm all for that!! I have to go back next month and take a placement test called TEAS. Then, once I get my transcripts in, I can turn in my packet and finish applying to nursing school.
So, I have to talk about my gorgeous, sweet girl, Hailee!! She keeps me smiling and laughing. A few Sundays back, I went with my mom and dad to my dad's church he grew up in, White House UMC, in Orangeburg, SC. They didn't have a nursery to keep Hailee in because it's mostly older adults, not too many kiddos. So Hailee sat on the pew between me and my mom. When we were singing hymns, she was singing right along with us. I almost couldn't sing I was laughing so hard. Her little face was so serious too! :) She also talked most of the service and I was so embarrassed, but everyone afterward said she did so good. idk?

So a few random things -
I got some hummus because I wanted to try it and it's made of chick peas and supposed to be pretty good for you - I cannot make myself eat another bite of it. its kinda gross. That's just what I think. I tried it with bread and with pita chips. ugh, I'll take spinach dip any day of the week!
I've been walking with Hailee in her stroller on the mornings when it's not a thousand degrees outside because of the humidity, and she's doing lots better with the walking. She used to scream after I only got a few blocks away, but I've learned to keep the little tray in front of her stocked with gold fish or puffs. I tried suckers first, Dum Dums, but they were way too messy. She wanted to hold the sticky part in her fingers.
Hailee's Favorite song is OMG by Usher and Will-i-am. I got a video of her dancing to it, but its a little dark. I'll still try to post it. she is so funny, she cracks me up!!
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