Monday, June 21, 2010

hailee's napping

So this is new.. Back at my parents for the next 2 months while Roger goes through the Christian discipleship program U Turn For Christ again. Hopefully this time everything will figure itself out. We'll be going home on the weekends and a few times durring the week. Hailee is growing and changing so much, so fast! she's almost 15 months old, has 5 teeth (that i can see) and is so smart! She knows these body parts: nose, eye, ear, mouth, toes, hair. But the only one she can say is "eye". She says "knock knock" and knocks on a hard surface.. And every clock she sees, she points to it and says "clock!" over and over again. She loves being outside and playing in the pools. During the day we can only stay outside a little while because I'm deathly afaid of insects (crazy me!) and once they realize we're outside, they don't go away.

Everyone around me is doing the insanity px90? workouts and i can't even start them yet. about a week ago, i fell in a puddle of water in walmart and went straight down on my knee. didn't break anything but its bruised up pretty good and is sore. So i'm supposed to take it easy for a little while to make sure there's nothing wrong with my meniscus or ligaments. If it still hurts next week, they want to do an mri. more money!! hopefully walmart will be fitting THAT bill..

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