Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Wildberry Lodge

Have you ever had a special place that just takes your breath away?

Where the details are simple, yet magnificent?

A place that never gets old.

A place that is magical, wonderful, beautiful, like no other?

That place is in the mountains for me.

This has been our favorite place to get away for a few years now.
Usually, we go in April, right between our Anniversary and Roger's birthday to celebrate the two together.
THIS year, however, we wanted to bring Hailee with us because she has never been to the mountains and we wanted her to experience our most favorite place ever.
Per their policy, they don't allow kids under 10 (or pets because they have some animals) so we had to wait until Hailee was old enough and we knew she wouldn't be crazy and running all over the place.

But like I said, this place never gets old.

Not to mention, it was pretty awesome watching Hailee discover our very same love of the mountains.

This girl is a beauty!!

This is such an amazing place.

And there is always plenty to do, see, and explore...

They even treat you to happy hour in the evenings.

And the breakfasts are Out of This WORLD!!
And different every morning.
And you pick what time you want to eat.
And they accommodate any kinds of food allergies you have.
Sorry, the only picture I have of "breakfast" is the menu board. lol.

We also planned an exciting adventure on the way there and didn't tell Hailee, but let it be a surprise!
I found this amazing gem of a place (pun intended) in Hendersonville NC, on the way to the lodge...
The reviews were amazing and Hailee had a ball!
Basically, you pay for a bucket of rocks, and they have their own indoor and outdoor water flumes where you pan for gems and strike it rich!
The gift shop is so beautiful! I didn't take any pictures of it but everything was so sparkly!

We went to Asheville, walked around up and down Biltmore Avenue, into little shops, watched glass blowers, and had so much fun!

We watched sunsets, met new people, enjoyed the company of the innkeepers (Ken & Glenda) and their sweet family, played in the game room down stairs, Hailee took a dip in the hot tub, walked up to the fire pit on the side of the mountain... and soaked up every single second.
Time        slowed        down.

it does a body good to get away.
to be in the moment.
to breathe the sweet mountain air.
always smiling, making memories.

Until next time, the mountains are calling...

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